Bed Bugs in Stores: How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Clothes while Shopping

When you are out shopping, you are on the lookout for the best possible deals, the latest designs, offers, etc, etc. however, are you looking out for bed bugs? No, none of us do. It simply does not cross our minds. Bed bugs are supposed to be in beds that are not maintained well right? Wrong! They can be found in a number of places and shops are a definite possibility.

These bed bugs will be transported to your house in your own shopping bag and that is one scenario you have to avoid. Even if you are very happy with the pest control Edinburgh prices, it does not mean you can give them a chance to spread.

Here is how you can look out for bed bugs in the clothes you buy:

Inside Out

Turn the clothes you are buying, inside out and check thoroughly. Check the seams and pockets as these are very convenient places for the bugs to thrive in. Do not forget to run a hand through the edges. Some clothes’ edges just stay folded in from being stored in a particular position for long. It is easy to miss those edges. Ensure you run your fingers throughout the edges and open them out and check for bugs.

Shake Them Well

When you are buying sheets and clothes, there are no pockets to look into. However, shake them well to ensure there is nothing lingering on them. Sheets are usually neatly stacked and we tend to see the size mentioned; the print on it and take it with us. Instead, open it up and shake it well to ensure they are clean and safe.


Check the clothes under a good source of light. Showrooms have lights placed at strategic places and different angles to give a different ambiance for the shoppers. Take the clothes and inspect them under the light to ensure you have not missed anything.