Buying A Boat: How Much Does It Cost To Own A Yacht?

The amount that you spend to buy a yacht at is just half the cost of what you will be spending towards the purchase. There are other expenses involved too in owning the yacht.

Storing the yacht

Mooring the yacht is something that you can plan in advance. This is the cost of parking the yacht and this cost is fixed from year to year. All that you need to do is to decide where you would like to park the yacht. There are additional costs in the offseason but this again can be planned in advance.


Buying the insurance for your yacht is time-consuming because you need to choose from the many options available. Shop around a bit for the agencies that specialize in yacht insurance. You could also bargain for your skills and the equipment in your match. These are specialized discounts and you need to be aware of them to grab them. Like for example if you have some built-in fire safety in the yacht then this could give you a discount on the insurance premium.

You can estimate the cost of the premium by doing a simple match and this will let you budget better.


Expenses of operating the yacht

Fuel is the biggest expense that you need to incur towards operating the yacht. You can predict it by averaging the distance that you plan to cruise and the number of trips that you will be taking over the month. Also, make sure that you understand the efficient cruise of the yacht. This will help to consume less fuel.

There are additional costs like when parking your yacht in aport where you are visiting over the weekend.


The maintenance cost will vary based on the type of boat that you operate. It is also dependent on how much you use the boat and how hard it is to use it.