10 Amazing Gift Ideas For People Who Love Dinosaurs

The movie Jurassic Park had for the very first time made dinosaurs so popular that not just kids even adults have become fans of the dinosaurs and collect anything and everything related to them. In case you know any such person and are brainstorming on gifting ideas, you are at the right spot. Even StarWalkKids have plenty of choice in this area.

We have here 10 gift items that will amaze your dinosaurs loving friend.

  1. Give a blue ray 3D limited edition Jurassic world movie which is sold with a collectible Indominus Rex battling out with tyrannosaurus rex.
  2. For youngsters who are bookworms the Excavate Dinosaurs by Jonathan Tennant is a great book to possess. The book contains interesting and lesser-known facts about dinosaurs’ anatomy and physiology besides cutouts that can be assembled into dinosaurs’ models.
  3. One truly interesting gift that is quite uncommon is this candle from Firebox, UK based company. The oval-shaped candle once it starts burning and the wax starts to melt reveals a porcelain baby velociraptor inside.
  4. A dino themed sweatshirt or shirt will be ideal for the fashionista.
  5. Nano blocks that allow you to build your own dinosaurs to adorn your work table or your kitchen shelf.
  6. Dinosaur shaped cookie cutters will delight the heart of a baker who also loves the ancient animals that roamed the earth.
  7. Continuing in the cookery section a pastasaurus scoop spoon from Fred and Friends to scoop your pasta is also an amazing gift.
  8. The Smithsonian Digging up kit gives a preview of how a paleontologist actually discovers fossils. The set comes with scrapers and aplastic rock with dinosaur bones in it.
  9. 3D printed tyrannosaurus showerhead can be a great gift. The skull shaped shower head can be fixed to any pipe of ½ inch. This plastic head is available in several colors.
  10. T- Rex Attack is an augmented reality game that will delight the gamer as he controls the battery-operated car as it cruises along the given track.