Heart-healthy Foods: The Ultimate Shopping List

Taking care of your heart’s health is in your hands. Just by paying attention to what you eat you will cut the chances of a stroke and heart attack significantly. Therefore, for your heart’s sake pay attention to the following:

  1. Cut on trans fats and saturated fats present in fatty meats, cookies, pizzas, burgers, and high-fat
  2. Reduce your sodium intake especially be wary of packaged foods which are high in salt.
  3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and add whole grain to your diet and increase the fiber content of every meal.

So, if you wondering what to shop for your heart to remain healthy check out the following shopping list curated just for you.

  1. Vegetables and fruits: You can buy fresh and frozen because the nutritive value remains the same in both cases. Load your shopping cart with tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and When taking canned food look for low sodium variants and with no added sugars. Fruits can include apples, oranges, bananas, and peaches. Basically, look for more colors in your vegetables and fruits.
  2. Dairy products: Always opt for low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese. You can also try almond milk, soy milk.
  3. Bread and cereals: Go for only whole grain variety and include more soluble fiber in oatmeal, bran, brown rice, quinoa, and You can find several healthy recipes using these ingredients on holisticboard. You even get whole grain pasta and couscous.
  4. Proteins: Include seafood like shellfish and tuna. In poultry and meat go for lean types. For the vegetarian, they can include all kinds of beans, peas, and Eggs and nuts are also good for the heart but in limited quantities. Peanut butter is also good the only caution must be taken that it has no added sugars and salts.
  5. Oils: Go for unsaturated fats and healthy pills like avocado oil, olive oil, and nonstick cooking sprays.

A complete List: Passing an Employment Drug Test

What is an employment drug test and why is it stressed so often?

An employment drug test is now more a norm than an exception. Most business organisations today insist on their employees passing the drug test. This may be necessitated as a clause in the employment contract or it could be to avoid any serious repercussions in the company especially if there has been a bad experience and that has left a bad taste in their mouth.

Soberness as a virtue:

Organizations across the worldview soberness as a virtue in the workplace and the corporate world stigmatizes most people who wear a label of any kind of drug abuse. It is in the interest of your career and ambition that you pass this dope test and prove yourself clean.

Dope test can be recurring too:

As a measure to weed out (pun not intended) the bad performers or people who disregard rules of workplace, recurring dope tests may also be commissioned by the management. This can leave very little time to detox the body or to think of any other alternative course to adapt to give out negative results. That is why the employers give very little notice of the test and once the employee gives his sample.

In case you are caught in this catch 22 situation, here is what you can do:

Synthetic urine:

There is synthetic urine available at the market that has urea and the near perfect ph. the level that you can carry to the urinal and either exchange the pee or pour into the sample box. This can be done only if you are not being watched by the laboratory assistant while you collect your sample. It would be too much of a risk to pull off the act if the lab assistant finds you exchanging it!

They say, “Every law has a loophole.” To not face a job loss, read more at exit-5. You can even shop directly from there from the links given there.  Go ahead, embrace freedom!…

Buying Your First Box Mod? Here’s All You Need To Know

Many people are starting to vape, and the popularity of vaping is increasing at an alarming rate. People are picking it up left and right, and most need some guidance to get started. As an alternative to smoking, it’s no surprise that vaping is popular among younger people as they are usually more tech savvy and trendy.  There are many different designs for vape devices, one of them is the box mod. I will explain what a box mod is because new vapers will not have this knowledge. A box mod is a vape device that is shaped like a box.

This is different from other devices which are pen shaped or cylindrical. The box design offers many advantages over the other shapes. The box design allows for many aspects of the vape pen design flaws to be addressed. It has longer battery life than the vape pen. It has offers more control than the vape pen, in the sense that they can tinker with the vape settings. It also has increased wattage and performance than a vape pen. All these advantages have many people converting to box mods. Regardless of the kind of vape device you use sigaretta elettronica migliore improves your smoking experience. It would be useful to do some research on places like Vaping.com before selecting a device.

If you ever have any questions, you can always chat with someone who vapes to see their opinions on which device to use. Most people are more than happy to help someone new start vaping. And with the popularity of vaping increasing so much, it won’t be hard to find someone that is able to help. Make sure you know the difference between regulated and unregulated vape boxes. Regulated boxes have many safety features to ensure the safety of the user. Unregulated vape boxes are usually custom built and offer a unique experience.…